hi, i'm melanie


I'm a mama to four beautiful and wild kids. I love travelling, fruit smoothies, painting, and baking. But not doing the dishes after.


I've been an artist my whole life, but when I had my first baby all those years ago, I decided to pick up a camera and document his first year. Little did I know that this combined with my background in graphic design would spark my love of portrait photography. 

I specialise in emotional lifestyle photography. If you're looking for a traditional photographer who wants you to pose and smile at the camera constantly, I may not be your girl. I want to chase your family around a setting sun and capture the love you have for each other. A session with me is very laid back and takes a more documentary approach with the NOW moments of your lives.


I want to tell your family's story during our session. I want your kids to take off running and show you things they've found. I want your hair to be blowing and your partner to admire your beauty. I want to do more than just take pictures, I want to create art.


Addie Grimmer Photography